HVAC Projects Get District #18 Board Approval

Students, teachers and everyone else should notice a big change in the ‘environment’ at Elgin Public Schools next fall.
The environment is going to undergo a serious makeover following action taken by the District #18 Board of Education last week.
At a special meeting Wednesday night, May 15, the board approved spending more than $666,000 for a HVAC for the elementary and high school buildings as well as the gymnasium building. The vote was 4 to 0 (board member Stan Heithoff was absent and the Kim Wells’ position on the board had yet to be filled).
Following a presentation from board members Steve Heithoff and Robert Hoefer, each who serves on the building committee, the board accepted the low bid of $666,313 submitted by Rasmussen Mechanical Services to do the following:
1) High School System — Install a separate hydronic boiler system & reconstruct the first floor store room into a new boiler room. By doing so, the high school can be independent from the elementary. The existing old cast iron registers will be replaced with fan coil units for hot water coils (heating) and chilled water coils (cooling) for future upgrades. The new system will be controlled by DDC controls with open (protocol) and remote access.
2) Elementary School System — Replacement of the existing steam boilers with a Hydronic boiler system. The existing steam system at the elementary school is around 60 percent efficient and the new Hydronic system will be 95 percent efficient. By replacing the steam boiler system and installing a Hydronic boiler system the school district will gain 30 percent savings on energy. RMS will replace the old cast iron register with a new fan coil unit which will have heating coils/cooling coils just like the high school for future upgrades.
3) Gymnasium Building — A new roof top unit to heat and cool the gymnasium. RMS will install two 20-ton RTUs on the ground to heat and cool the gym. The existing units will be left in place and not removed.

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