Homecoming Coronation At Pope John To Be Sunday

Pope John XXIII Central Catholic High School will celebrate Homecoming Week, beginning on October 4.
The 2015 Royalty will be crowned in ceremonies beginning at 7 p.m. in the St. Boniface Gym on Sunday, October 4. A photo scavenger hunt will follow coronation, students will be asked to bring back digital photos of people,  places and things in the community of Elgin.
Dress up days will follow starting on Monday with Mythology Day, Tuesday is Tacky Tourist Day, Wednesday is Disney Character Day, Thursday is Group Day and Friday is Wolfpack Day. A pep rally will be held on Friday at 2 p.m. at the football field, before the Wolfpack football team takes on Niobrara-Verdigre at 7 p.m. Following the game will be a pizza party and dance at EHS.
The 17 members of the senior class are king and queen candidates. Queen candidates are:
Maria Bartak (daughter of Gary and Mary)…St. John, rural Clearwater
Nicole Beckman (daughter of John and Tracy)…St. Boniface, Elgin
Karissa Dicke (daughter of Paul and Diane)…St. John, rural Clearwater
Lexus Heithoff (daughter of Keith and Lynne)…St. Boniface, Elgin
Jenna Parks (daughter of Ed and Anne)…St. Boniface, Elgin
Jill Schindler (daughter of Dale and Renee)…St. Boniface, Elgin
Terri Seier (daughter of Paul and Shawn)…St. John the Baptist, Petersburg
Whitney Walker Moore (daughter of Autumn Hoefer, Jeremy Hoefer and Robbie Moore)…St. Boniface, Elgin
King candidates are:
Trey Baum (son of Chris and Jeanine)…St. Boniface, Elgin
Andrew Fangman (son of Bill and Ginni)…St. Bonaventure, Raeville
Kalin Henn (son of Tom and Sandi)…St. Boniface, Elgin
Kyle Kallhoff (son of Brent and Susan)…St. Boniface, Elgin
Austin Meis (son of Ben and Anna)…St. Boniface, Elgin
Scott Moser (son of Ed and Sandy)…St. Theresa, Clearwater
Ryan Pelster (son of Billy and Linette)…St. Bonaventure, Raeville
Chase Preister (son of Scott and Kay)…St. John the Baptist, Petersburg
Seth Schumacher son of (Keith and Diane)…St. John the Baptist, Petersburg