Highway 14 resurfacing coming to Elgin in 2020?

Meeting Monday night, June 4, the Elgin City Council learned that resurfacing of Highway 14 through Elgin come as early as 2020.
City Engineer John Zwingman said plans from the State Department of Roads (NDOR) now show that they will be resurfacing Highway 14 in 2020, with bids being let so they could start in 2019, but would need to be done by 2020.
The news about the highway surfacing took on added significance due to the City’s plan to replace the water line along Highway 14.
A meeting, he said, is being planned with NDOR representatives from the so the project can be discussed, as well as the City replacing the water line. He indicated that efforts would be made to have the project done last in Elgin so the new water lines could be installed before they come into the city for resurfacing.
Currently, Elgin’s remaining loan funds total just over $1.03 million with $259,222 forgiven and $777,654 on loan. Those dollars amounts are important for the water line project.
On another matter, Zwingman and the council discussed projects from the 2012 water study with updated costs. He recommended the following projects be done first. They are:
• Construction of an 8-inch water main along Highway 14 from North Street to Remington Street
• Construction of a 6-inch water main along Highway 14 from Remington Street to South Street
A third project, construction of an 8-inch water main along North Street from Plantation Street to Highway 14 be undertaken only if funds were still available.
The council approved authoring Advanced Consulting Engineering Services to prepare contracts, plans and specs for the water system and permits along Highway 14.
In other action:
The request was approved with the library covering all expenses.
For sale — As a means to raise money for the pool fund, the council directed City Clerk Vicki Miller to advertise a donated washer and two dryers (all new) for sale later this year.
Discussion — The council discussed with Zwingman about installing a box culvert at Myrtle and Ivy Streets. He said they would need to extend the culvert 13’ to 14’ to the east to allow vehicles to make the turn and still have room for a sidewalk on the east side. Mayor Mike Schmitt indicated that an agreement to install sidewalks would need to be in place before the City would commit to installing a box culvert.