Healthcare Professional Recruitment Fund Drive Underway

Four entities in Antelope County are in the process of trying to raise funds for the recruitment of a new doctor and new dentist.
Antelope Memorial Hospital, the Neligh Economic Development Office, Jensen Dentistry and the Antelope County Healthcare Foundation have joined together to form a healthcare professional “Recruitment Team”. Having contacted and received financial support from political entities like the City of Elgin, the “team” has begun to contact Antelope County stakeholders in an effort to raise funds for this purpose.
Previously, the county was designated as a healthcare professional shortage area in both dentistry and family practice physicians by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. As a result, the area has the opportunity to capitalize on a state-run program to attract healthcare professionals through the Nebraska Loan Repayment Program for Rural Health Professionals. The program offers student loan repayment to healthcare providers who work in healthcare shortage areas.
The “Team” has received a challenge grant from the Sherwood Foundation (previously the Susan A. Buffet Foundation) for every $2 raised locally, the foundation will donate $1. So far, $214,000 has been raised, leaving just $26,000 to fundraise.
“This is not only a healthcare issue but an economic development issue.  Without outstanding healthcare, we will have critical problems attracting workforce to our communities.  Most wouldn’t think twice about donating to a capital project like purchasing equipment or a building renovation, however, these projects are worthless without the right people to operate them. The Healthcare Professional Attraction Program will insure that Antelope County’s largest employer is in a position to succeed for decades to come,” said Greg Ptacek, Neligh Economic Development director
All donations are tax deductible and will be used solely for loan repayment assistance. Persons wishing to make a donation should contact Ptacek at (402) 887-4447 or email at