Harold’s Poems by Harold Miller


Here are some of the things I’ve learned
In my four score and three,
As I’ve traveled down life’s pathway
In this great land of the free.

The first is an old proverb
That’s surely tried and true,
And that’s do unto others
As you’d have others do unto you.

Now here’s something to think about
I’k like to bring to light,
That’s never take a laxative
And a sleeping pill at night.

And if you’re walking around the farm
This knowledge I’ll defend,
You never answer nature’s call
Or spit into the wind.

If you are in a financial bind
And need a little slack,
Borrow from a pessimist
He won’t expect to get it back.

Be careful if you need legal help
I’m sure most are the same,
That ninety-nine percent of the lawyers
Give the rest a real bad name.

Nature has many beauties
And to this I must maintain,
If you like to see a rainbow
You must put up with the rain.

There are well meaning people
Who want to share their point of view,
But will hardly ever without a doubt
Want you to share yours too.

Here’s something you should know
To avoid some hurt and strife,
No matter how good the steak
You never lick the knife.

It’s something not to get involved
Just walk away of course,
You’ll find in this whole universe
Gossip’s the most destructive force.

I have never found anyone yet
Up to the time I write this rhyme,
Who can give a clear and compelling reason
To have daylight saving time!

If a person is nice to you
But to a waiter he is rude,
He’s not a very nice person
And you’d better drop that dude.

One thing I learned in the Navy
In a port down in the south,
You never ever slap a man
With tobacco in his mouth.

If you are afraid to try something new
If the job seems too gigantic,
Remember a lone amateur built the ark
A group of professionals built the Titanic.