Harold’s Poems — ‘The Letter’

Yesterday I received a letter
From a person not to blame
Who was so ashamed of his heritage
He wouldn’t even sign his name.

What would cause this hateful feeling
I don’t know where to start
Is it because he’s full of jealousy
Or just meanness in his heart.

I want to thank him for his compliment
I have nothing to atone
He must have thought my poems were good
To have stole them for my own.

The poem that you sent me
You must have thought quite fine
But it let me know one thing for sure
Your morals aren’t as good as mine.

Your poem was appreciated
Your wit was at least half
I got quite a kick out of it
It gave me quite a laugh.

To say I got my poems from “E” Mail
You just let me stand alone
I have no connection with a computer
And I have none in my home.

I just finished this little poem
It has me on the run
I can’t remember who I stole it from
It’s been a lot of fun.

Feel free to write me any time
Now take care of yourself
They say any time that one can laugh
It is good for your health.
By Harold Miller