Grazing Management Clinic to be in Neligh March 28

Last year’s drought created serious damage to pasture grass in our region. Pasture and livestock owners have some critical management decisions to make this year in order to assure an adequate feed supply and to provide the best treatment to grass across.
The UNL-Extension office in Antelope County has scheduled a Grazing Management Clinic in Neligh on Thursday, March 28, in order to provide information and ideas that will assist land and livestock owners with these critical management decisions.
Entitled, “Grazing Management in Drought Years,’ the program will begin at 9:45 a.m. and run tip 2 p.m. Refreshments and lunch will be provided at the site of the event, the meeting room in the Antelope County Courthouse basement.
Featured speakers will be Dr. Bruce Anderson and Dennis Bauer, UNL Extension; and Dirk Schultz, NRCS.
Among the topics to be discussed are:
• Managing the negative impacts from drought on your grassland
• Understanding plant response during drought periods
• Annual forages for hay and pasture
• Identifying and managing weeds after drought
• Grazing period management
• Stocking density
• Supplemental nutrition
• Cost-share assistance programs to improve grassland management
There is a $12 registration fee per person which will cover materials, a catered lunch and instruction. Pre-registration is required by March 22 (to plan for meals and materials. For more information, call 402-887-5414 and ask for Rod Wilke.