Governor Ricketts Joins Morgan To Present State Senator Sullivan With NPA President’s Award

District #41 State Senator Kate Sullivan received one of the highest awards from the Nebraska Press Association during a presentation Saturday night at the Wheeler County Fair.
With Governor Pete Ricketts assisting, 2015/16 NPA President Dennis Morgan presented Senator Sullivan with the 2016 President’s Award prior to the start of the rodeo.
“From time to time, the Nebraska Press Association selects an individual or organization to receive the President’s Award which demonstrates protection of the First Amendment/Free Speech; and open meetings and open records laws to make sure citizens have a direct pathway to participation in government,” Morgan said. “She has steadfastly fought for transparency in government and has always defended the First Amendment.”
For the past eight years, Senator Sullivan, from Cedar Rapids, has served in the legislature, most recently serving on the education committee.
Ricketts praised Sullivan for her service to Nebraskans.
“I had the honor and privilege of working with Senator Sullivan this past year on property tax bill LB959 and I can tell you it was absolutely a pleasure to be able to work with her. She is somebody who is incredibly intelligent, passionate about Nebraska, worked with grace and dignity through some very tough negotiations … She has done a wonderful job of representing you in the Nebraska Legislature.”
After accepting the award, Senator Sullivan shared some thoughts. “The First Amendment has always been important to me. This award is very meaningful,” she said.
“This also gives me a chance to say farewell as your state senator. This is probably the last county fair in District #41 that I will be attending as a state senator. I assure you it won’t be the last time I come to the Wheeler County Fair,” she said.
“It has been such a pleasure and an honor to serve all of you. I hope I have served you with dignity and certainly respect for all of you hard-working citizens in District #41 … This will always be home to me, I grew up about 25 miles from here. It’s still my home, it’s still in my heart and there is nothing better than the people from Nebraska and the heart of the Sandhills. Thank you very much!”