Good Turnout Reported For Info Meeting On Pool Renovation

Plans for the renovation of the Elgin Swimming Pool were featured at an open house held Friday at the Community Center.
Beginning at 9 a.m. and continuing til 7 p.m., local representatives as well as a representative from a Wisconsin company involved in the project, visited with residents about the project under consideration.
“I was very impressed with the turnout at the first open house,” said David Burbach, director of Aquatic Services with Burbach Aquatics, Inc., the firm the local pool committee is working with on the renovation project.
“The one key element that really stood out – the key element is how well informed people are! They came up and most people knew that there was going to be a new bathhouse. One lady in particular just wanted to know what the front was going to look like.
“Many of the open houses I come to – I mean seriously, people don’t even know that they have a pool. They were asking me detailed questions. A lot of people knew that the main vessels was going to be reused.”
He said he received a lot of very positive comments about a frugal plan.
“There were several comments we received about things we could maybe add a little bit to – you know, people wanting just a little bit more. That’s common. (I’m) very impressed,” he said.
“It was a very nice open house. And very pleasant. It was very good Elgin hospitality,” Burbach said.
To pay for the pool improvements, estimated now to be $1.3 million, the city will have a special election on Tuesday, November 10, to approve Ameritas municipal bonds to cover up to $500,000 of the cost for the project.
A capital campaign, Estate gifts and the use of city sales tax funds are expected to cover the remainder of the costs if the bond election is successful.