Bob Nichols Good Hand Award recipient

Bob Nichols and Kaye Day with the Good Hand Award
Bob Nichols receives the Good Hand statue from Wheeler County Ag Society secretary Kaye Day. Bob worked tirelessly to make the statue garden at the Wheeler County Court House a destination stop by travelers. The Elgin Review

The Herb & Sherry Mignery “Good Hand” Award was presented Saturday night at the Wheeler County Fair in Bartlett.
Recipient of the award this year was Bob Nichols.
Those in the grandstand applauded Nichols as Wheeler County Ag Society Treasurer Kaye Day presented him with a bronze statue created by Herb Mignery for the award.
Nichols was nominated for his work with the sculpture garden at the Wheeler County Courthouse.

“We believe Bob would be the most fitting recipient,” the nomination letter said. “The Mignery Sculpture Garden is a fabulous display of one of the nation’s most talented artists set in a peaceful, beautiful park. Everyone from passing tourists to Governor Ricketts marvel to find such a hidden gem in a rural setting. Certainly we have Herb & Sherry to thank for this wonderful gift, but it would also be appropriate to honor Bob for his role as well.
“When the Mignery’s first offered Silent Leather to the community, they said the bronze would be donated. But, they did ask that the community provide a foundation to display it. Bob was a leader in both the design and the requisite fund raising. The result was not a simple pedestal, but an attractive park. The theme of honoring our ancestors enhanced the experience. I can clearly remember that Herb & Sherry were very impressed with the presentation. Herb said that the park looked like it was designed by a professional landscape firm at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars. In fact, Herb & Sherry loved the sculpture garden so much, they decided to donate several more smaller bronzes. Bob, together with Joe Walkowiak, teamed up to build a great display for the new additions.

Again, the Mignerys loved the result. More bronzes followed, and then more, and they just keep coming. Wheeler County now can confidently state is is a home to more bronzes per capita than any community in the world. Better yet, the quality art and presentation is the best you can find anywhere. What a special asset to our county!
“The Mignery Sculpture Garden is a labor of love for Bob. His vision, dedication, and tireless efforts to build and promote the park are truly worthy of the Good Hand Award.”

Herb & Sherry Mignery plan to recognize those to go the extra mile
Bartlett Resident Bob Nichols received the 2017 Wheeler County Good Hand Award. The award was first presented last year and has been made possible by Bartlett native Herb Mignery. Bob holds the bronze statue, designed by Mignery. The Elgin Review