Four Antelope families to receive Pioneer Farm Awards

OMAHA — Four Antelope County farms will be recog-nized at the county fair for 100 years ownership in the same family. Each year, Aksarben pays homage to the dedicated and hard-working Nebraskan families. These families have each met the incredible milestone of owning at least forty-acres of farmland within one family for 100 or 150 years, respectively. To put that into perspective, Nebraska has only existed as a state for 152 years.
The Aksarben Foundation, along with Nebraska Farm Bureau and the Nebraska Association of Fair Managers, announced this year’s 142 honorees for the Aksarben Pioneer Farm (100 years) and Aksarben Heritage Farm Awards (150 years). To be recognized with the Ak-Sar-Ben Pioneer Farm award at the Antelope County Fair will be four families. They are:
• Douglas and Elaine Reynolds (original owner: James F. Swan) Farm Est. 1919
• Randy and Juel Hughes (original owner: Frank G. and Jennie C. Woodard) Farm Est. 1904
• Korene A. Erickson Fehringer, Bernadine L. Erickson Trust (original owner: John Erickson) Farm Est. 1899
• Mark and Brenda Schrage (original owner: Steven and Philomena Schrage) Farm Est. 1919
Aksarben began awarding the Pioneer Award in 1956, and since that time, nearly 10,000 farm families have received the award statewide. The Heritage Award was established in 2014, and has been awarded to nearly 75 farm families.
“Aksarben is proud to recognize these Nebraska farm families each year. The dedication and perseverance demonstrated by these families is a testament to the strong Nebraska values that set our state apart and have been making Aksarben proud, for over 120 years,” said Sandra Reding, Aksarben Foundation President.
Partnering with Aksarben in sponsoring these awards each year, Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson has said, “Nebraska Farm Bureau is proud to help sponsor these farm family awards. Nebraska Farm Bureau’s heritage and continuous mission is to serve Nebraska farm and ranch families, and these awards recognize the commitment to preserve and build Nebraska.”