Former EPS Teachers Take On New Roles As Librarians

By Jaime Hoefer
Student Intern
The Public Library in Elgin gained a couple of new faces this August!
Former Elgin Public teachers Barb Bode and Diane Gunderson are sharing the position of librarian since retiring from many years in the teaching profession.
Both delight in sharing the job while brainstorming ideas of getting people involved in the library.
Both women say they are loving retirement but also like being able to stay busy at the library because even though the atmosphere is much different, the teacher in them causes them to “think the way they do.” This aids in coming up with new ideas for children and adults to further enjoy the library. They say that they are enjoying trying new things, especially those which tie into education and the younger generation. Because the atmosphere of the library possesses a different structure, Bode and Gunderson are adapting to their new surroundings.
They have become acquainted with adults in the book club and strongly encourage more groups to start their own!
Gunderson appreciates that she can continue reading while she is working.
This way she is able to accomplish more reading than just limiting a majority of it to summertime. She stated that she does not mind the schedule and takes pleasure in seeing students she has taught in the past.
The students particularly delight in the availability of suckers and mints upon each visit. Many have let her know that they miss her, with the same sentiment expressed towards Bode.

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