Flooding causes Ant. Co. schools to remain closed

Flooding prompts a rare Sunday meeting. Meeting Sunday afternoon, March 17, 2019, emergency officials from Antelope County gathered with school representatives stating that the roads across the county remain unsafe.

Flooding damages many roads

Antelope County Sheriff Bob Moore said that, at this time, approximately 65% of the roads in the county have been damaged. He and other officials told school reps that it isn’t a safe situation for students.

Schools in Elgin will remain closed through Wednesday

EPS Superintendent Dan Polk and PJCC/St. Boniface Principal Betty Getzfred both agreed that keeping the students safe is their top priority.

Next step

A followup meeting may be held on Wednesday to re-assess the road conditions. On that day, county officials will make their recommendations to the schools as to whether they should resume or remain closed for some more time.

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