A Fiery Flashback Friday – Elgin Landmark Went Up In Flames

Landmark Elgin United Methodist Church gutted in fire 20 years ago.
Fire broke through the roof while firefighters tried to contain the damage at the church. E-R file photo

Twenty years ago today, the community of Elgin lost a landmark.

Shortly after school, on a Monday – on St. Patricks Day, the Elgin fire department was called out to a fire at the Elgin United Methodist Church. By the time the sun set that day, the structure was gutted and considered a complete loss.

Following an investigation by the state’s Fire Marshall, the Elgin Police Department and the Antelope County Sheriff’s Department, it was determined that there were three points of origin within the church for the fire. Within the week, two to three juveniles were taken into state custody as a result of the arson.

See a complete story in the upcoming Elgin Review as we look back on the fire.