FFA Labor Auction After Tonight’s Football Game

They will be asked to stand in front for all to see. The auctioneer will do his cadence, money will exchange hands. It’s a scene that goes on every year about this time and will do so again on Friday night at the conclusion of the Wolfpack/Neligh-Oakdale Warriors football game.
It’s the annual Elgin FFA Labor Auction. The rules are quite simple. To the highest bidder each FFA member will be sold. In exchange for money, members will work for eight hours at the time and place of the buyer’s choosing. Buyers will need to arrange work time with students, provide lunch and, if necessary, transportation for younger members. Monies raised from the auction go to support chapter activities and student leadership development throughout the year.
FFA members participating in the labor auction are:
Seniors — Chris Bush, Trent Bauer, Morgan Childers, Christian Dunn, Ethan Fischer, Kyle Heithoff, Jon Meis, Baylie Schiltmeyer and Tanner Welding
Juniors — Trey Baum, Dylan Behnk, Taven Cameron, Morgan Carpenter, Karissa Dicke, Andrew Fangman, Lexie Heithoff, Kalin Henn, Chase Preister, Seth Schumacher, Alois Warner and Dylan Widger
Sophomores — Zoey Bergman, Chad Bode, Kenny Bush, Geoffrey Carr, Justin Funk, Elianne Heilhecker, Miles Schrage, Taylor Sehi, Liz Selting and Kelsey Welding
Freshmen — Taralyn Baum, Heather Bauer, Lydia Behnk, Liam Heithoff, Grace Henn, Calli Krebs, Marie Meis, Hayes Miller, Elizabeth Mlnarik, Nicki Payne, Cole Preister and Ryan Warner
FFA Advisor Julia Schwartz indicated the “National Convention Group” of Morgan Childers, Baylie Schiltmeyer, Morgan Carpenter, Jon Meis, Trey Baum, Taralyn Baum, Ethan Fischer, Marie Meis and Dylan Widger will be sold as a group after the individual sales. They will be split into a girl group and a boy group. Funds raised from this sale will go directly to help pay for their trip later in the year.