Father Andrews Headed to Sacred Heart Parish

Having served the St. Boniface and St. Bonaventure Catholic Churches for the past five years, Father Dan Andrews will soon be moving on.

“Archbishop Lucas has decided to appoint me the next pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Norfolk effective the middle of June,” Andrews said in a letter to the parishes delivered over the weekend. “Sacred Heart is an excellent parish but also an awesome responsibility. I go knowing that God guides my path through my bishop and that his mercy has never, and will never fail me.”

“Of course, there is sadness in my heart as I prepare to say farewell to you all. It’s not an easy thing to accept a new pastor into a parish. This is a relationship that takes a while to build up and demands a great amount of trust. Then, just when you are getting settled, the priest seems to move on. It’s not easy. I always say that is is much harder for the people when a pastor moves than for the man himself. However, this community is strong and I know that you will embrace my successor when he arrives. I’m sure the Archbishop will let us know soon who that will be.”
Andrews went on to say, “I will do my very best to insure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. I feel good knowing that the work will carry on because, of course, it did long before I arrived.”