Experiments Helped Make County Line Cakes So Delicious

By Terri Seier
Intern Reporter
Everyone enjoys a good cake either on their birthday, graduation, or even wedding. However, where can we find a really good cake?
County Line Cakes may be the place to go. It all started long ago when Ginni Fangman’s daughter, Mallory, said she wanted to take a cake decorating class. Ginni knew that the prices for all the decorating tips, frosting bags, pans, and ingredients were going to add up to be pricey so she suggested to Mallory that she try to make some profit out of all the cakes she made and decorated.
It began with Mallory making the cakes and decorating them, but as she became busier with school Ginni started then making the frosting ahead of time so all Mallory had to do was decorate the cake. Once she got busier and more demands for cakes started coming in, Ginni started frosting the cakes. She soon had to take over the business while Mallory went away to college.
So what makes County Line Cakes delicious? Is it Ginni’s motherly love? The perfect amount of frosting? Or something else? Ginni said it was through experimentation that she and Mallory found the perfect touches to making a delicious cake. Mallory has her secret recipe for the frosting.
What is the secret recipe? Ginni wasn’t willing to spill the beans, so the world may never know. On the other hand, Ginni discovered new techniques to bake cakes. Through trial and error the two of them discovered the perfect blend of ingredients and techniques that is different than any average person’s cake.
As most people know, Ginni went from Petersburg’s postmaster to a baker. Ginni said that she and her family enjoy the flexibility of being a baker, especially if they need her for something. Even with this new flexible schedule, Ginni has found moments when it is overwhelming.

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