Estimated $30,000 In Stolen Property Recovered

Elgin residents, are you missing anything? Had anything stolen recently?
You may want to contact the Holt County Sheriff’s Department in O’Neill as they have arrested several individual for alleged thefts in the area.
The Antelope County Sheriff’s Department assisted other law enforcement agencies in connection with the recovery of an estimated $30,000 in stolen property.
Here’s a press release from the Holt County Attorney’s Department —
“”Beginning the evening of August 5, and into the late morning hours of August 6, a team of law enforcement officers led by the Holt County Sheriff conducted a series of successive searches in Holt and Antelope Counties in an effort to recover property stolen in recent burglaries.
The team included elements from the Holt County Sheriff’s Department, O’Neill Police Department, Atkinson Police Department, Nebraska State Patrol, Valley County Sheriff’s Office, Nebraska Game and Parks, and the Holt County Attorney’s office.
“Eight separate searches were conducted which resulted in the recovery of an estimated $30,000 of stolen property as well as the seizure of various types and quantities of suspected controlled substances.  Two arrests were made without incident, and at least one arrest is still pending.
“If you have been the victim of a theft or burglary that has already been reported, a law enforcement representative will contact you in the coming days.  If you have been the victim of a theft or burglary that has not been reported, we would urge you to make a report immediately.  Now that we have recovered the stolen property, we must begin the work of matching up each item of property with its true owner.  At this time, we suspect that the recovered property is tied to crimes in at least three counties in Nebraska and one in South Dakota.”