EPS Students Awarded 24 Superiors at Solo/Ensemble Contest

The Elgin Elementary Solo-Ensemble Contest was held Saturday, March 31.
Ten schools participated including: Clearwater/Orchard, Stanton, St. Edward, Cedar Rapids, Verdigre, North Loop-Scotia, Spalding Public, Spalding Academy, St. Boniface of Elgin and Elgin Public.
Four judges rated the students for their performances.  They were Larry Jones from Madison, Darrell Neitzke from Manilla, Iowa, Rob Hartung from Bennington and Randy Neuharth from NE Community College in Norfolk.
These are the results of the Elgin students.  Elgin Public received 24 Superiors (1 rating) and 1 Excellent (2 rating).  The Cadet Band also received a Superior.  Congratulations to all the students on a wonderful representation of Elgin Public Schools!
Soloists Receiving Superiors: Jaime Hoefer – clarinet, Myranda Palmer – flute,  Dylan Widger, alto sax, Taven Cameron – tenor sax, Alois Warner – baritone, Hayes Miller – cornet, Zoey Bergman – clarinet, Kelsey Welding – clarinet, Kenny Bush – trombone, Ryan Warner – snare drum, Taya Voborny – snare drum, Christian Lundgren – snare drum, Tiarra Thramer – flute, Morgan Carpenter – flute, Avenley Short – clarinet, Luke Walsh – trombone, Breanna Couch – baritone, Danielle Vaughan – clarinet, Emma Kerkman – trumpet, Kaylee Martinsen – flute, Anna Heilhecker – clarinet, Breanna Carr – clarinet, and Kira Widger – snare drum.
“All the judges complimented me on the performances of the Elgin students,” said instructor Deb Jones. “They said our students were really prepared and played musically.”
She said she is proud of all your hard work, practice and preparation.  Keep up the great work!!!