EPS Students At Young Authors Festival

Pictured l to r: Krista Demmel, Theanna Dunn, William Heilhecker, Jackson Wemhoff, Skylar Reestman and Charlotte Endorf.

Four Elgin Public School students attended a festival on Saturday with Mrs. Borer for aspiring young authors at Wayne State College. Two of them are fourth graders, William Heilhecker and Jackson Wemhoff.  The other two are sixth graders, Skylar Reestman and Theanna Dunn.  These students were chosen for writing excellent papers.  This festival gives them a chance to showcase their writing and a chance to meet published authors, Krista Demmel and Charlotte Endorf.  Each author spoke with the students to tell them their story of becoming an author and what you need to do to be a great writer.  Finally the students had the daunting task of reading their papers in front of strangers.  They rose to the challenge and did an excellent job!