EPS Registration Night To Be August 3

Registration Night at Elgin Public Schools will be Wednesday, August 3, at the school gymnasium.
Principal Greg Wemhoff said all students 7th thru 12th grade are required to attend. A parent is expected to attend with their child as we will need much needed information for our new Student Information System. (Please bring all contact information.  Information will be installed in the system on the 3rd) “We will accomplish a lot on this evening by completing final registrations with Mrs. Rittscher and receiving planners and lockers from Paula,” he said. “I will be discussing the Handbook and changes that can be expected for the 2016-2017 school year.   Students will also pick up their computers when paperwork is completed and receive their passwords for the new Student Information System.”
Hopefully students and parents will come out of the evening with a final schedule, an understanding of expectations, and be prepared to start the school year on Monday, August 15.
Students who are unable to attend should contact Principal Wemhoff as soon as possible to plan accordingly.
The schedule is as follows:
7-7:30 p.m.: 7th thru 12th grade Pick up planners, info packets and complete registration
7:30-8 p.m.: 7th thru 12th grade Handbook Review/Concussion Presentation
Everyone can expect to receive the newsletter, lunch letter and calendars in the days to come.  Practices will accommodate so students can be ready and on time for Registration Night.  Anyone having questions should contact the school.