EPS NeSA Scores Compare Well Against Other Schools

The Nebraska Department of Education Friday released NeSA test scores comparing school districts across the state.
Here is how Elgin Public rated amongst the other 249 districts across the state in grades 3-12. In Reading Elgin placed sixth, in Math as a school they placed 13th and in Science the school placed 63rd in the state.
K-12 Principal Greg Wemhoff said, “While we are extremely pleased with our 7-12 high school data, we do have a concern or two with our elementary scores.”
More and more children, Wemhoff said, come to the public schools with greater needs. “It is clear by our scores as they go through our system we are meeting those needs,” he said.
“Education is a “system” process; we will examine the information and make adjustments according to multiple sources, including the data released Friday. The 6-12 students came through the same elementary so while concerned with continuing to improve at that level, we also remain focused on the district as a whole and the graduated product we are putting out.
“We are very proud of our school, teachers and district performance. We are also very proud of not only our students’ skills at graduation, but their work ethic, decision-making abilities and sense of right and wrong as well.”
The school as a whole met the board goal, he said, of being in the top 1/3 of state schools in ALL rankings and we will continue to work hard for the people and patrons of Elgin.
“Great job to the students and teachers for a job well done, the improvements are a great accomplishment,” Wemhoff said.
For more results, go to http://www.education.ne.gov.