Elgin’s Strengths/Weaknesses Topic of Survey

Do you have a vision for the future? Do you have a plan for success? Is change easy for our community? Lets hope most of you reading this are saying ‘yes’.
Residents attending evening events during Vetch Days next week will be able to take part in the ECAP (Entrepreneurial Community Activation Process) kickoff.
The goal of the assessment surveys being done by ECAP team members is to identify Elgin’s strong points and weaknesses in eight different areas — Community Vision, Culture of Change, Leadership, Sense of Place, Infrastructure, Digitally Connected, Education/Workforce IQ, and Entrepreneurial Support System. Then, through the team’s guidance, the community will be able to formulate a “plan of attack” to address perceived and actual problems and work as a community to keep Elgin a vital town.
Look for the ECAP survey sign at the end of the poker walk, following the parade and at the BBQ. Please take 10-15 minutes and participate.
ECAP is a program offered through the UNL Extension eShip team. Local ECAP Team member is Anita Hall of Neligh.