Elgin’s Q125 to be Special — Spinning Tales

By Dennis L. Morgan


Two years can seem like a long time to some. But for organizers of Elgin’s Q125 celebration, two years doesn’t seem long enough.

Q125 organizers met Tuesday night at the Elgin Community Center to begin, in earnest, with planning what promises to be one of the biggest celebrations this community has ever embarked on.

Joining approximately 40 other persons, representing groups and organizations who want to be involved in the celebration, we were there to present ideas about the different type of events each organization would be willing to help organize.

From my vantage point, I can easily say our celebration will have people from near and far making their way here for the weekend. The dates of the celebration will be June 20-22, 2014.

Elgin’s newest organization, EKG (Elgin Ko-ed Group), having been together for less than a year, appear well on their way to playing a major role in organizing events related to the celebration.

Jessie Reestman, one of the members of the Q125 organizing committee, and EKG member Michael Moser, both shared information about plans for a street dance which will feature a very prominent band. No, the name was not announced at the meeting (I don’t think anything is set in stone yet), but the cost will be significant. That means, between now and then, EKG will be sponsoring several more event for Elginites and friends to attend and partake in. Last fall, they held a Husker Tailgate Party which was well-attended and more than a few people quenched their thirst on that night. Then, weeks later, they created a ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Halloween celebration which scared the daylights out of a number of youngsters and a few adults too! These events have allowed the EKG to raise a fair sum so far, but more will be needed. They know that, all who were at the meeting understand that.

More about that in coming months.

Other groups are pledging to do their part as well. The Elgin Community Club is doing everything they can to bring a quality carnival to town for the weekend.

In 2014, it’s likely the annual Vetch Days celebration will be part of Q125 festivities.

Ray Payne said the veterans organizations hope to bring the Vietnam ‘Moving Wall’ exhibit to Elgin for the Q125 weekend. The ‘Wall’ was in Albion last summer and was very well-attended. Whether you’re in Washington, D.C. to see the memorial or see one of the ‘moving wall’ set up at different locations, you cannot help but be moved at the cost of lives, our best and brightest, who did not come home from Southeast Asia. Were the ‘Wall’ to come to Elgin, it would be one of the most moving experiences of the weekend.

These are just a few of the events being talked about for the celebration. More information can be found in a story located elsewhere in this newspaper.

If you are so inclined to plan ahead, mark those dates on the calendar. If you or an organization you belong to would like to do something as part of the celebration, contact Reestman or any of the other members of the organizing committee and they’ll be happy to sit down and work something out.


And now, just a few other tidbits. Came across a news item last week about the State of Nebraska setting an execution date for Michael Ryan, the ‘mastermind’ behind the cult slayings at Rulo in the mid-1980s. Back then I worked the crime beat at the Beatrice Daily Sun newspaper and covered the story. One of the two victims, James Thimm, was from Beatrice. His father worked at the sale barn there. Thimm’s death and that of small boy, were so heinous it made one question just how a man could kill another man in such fashion. The book ‘Evil Harvest’ is a gripping account of the Rulo murders. It’s a good read if you’re not faint of heart. But I caution you, after reading it, your opinion of such events will change. How? For what he did, Ryan deserves to be put to death, the sooner the better. He earned his place on death row for his actions, can it really be, from more than 25 years ago?


The District #18 Board of Education is asking the community to help them select a new superintendent.

A planning session is being planned for Thursday, January 26 (see story on front page). There will be opportunity for the entire community, from students to district patrons, to offer suggestions for what the school board should look for in the next man or woman who will serve as the leader of our public school system.

I think it’s a great idea to ask the community to become involved in the search process. Elected officials do their job best when the participate in an open form of government where their actions and decisions are done for all to see, hear and understand. Here’s an opportunity for you to become involved. Will your voice be heard? I hope so.