Elgin Volunteers Help Fight Flood With Sandbags

There are some here who would like to see sunshine return. Since June 7, more than eight inches of rain have been recorded here in Elgin. Similar amounts, and in some cases more rainfall, to the north and west have caused flood conditions along local rivers and streams creating problems for our neighbors in Clearwater, Neligh, Oakdale and Tilden.

Volunteers from Elgin were called out Sunday night to go to Clearwater to help fill sandbags there to prevent rising waters from doing more damage to the community. According to Tony Levander, they were there through most of the night working. Volunteers also came from Tilden, Neligh and Oakdale

According to Faythe Petersen, emergency management coordinator for Antelope as well as Madison and Pierce counties, estimated that as many as 10,000 sand bags had been filled to combat flood waters at Clearwater.

At Neligh, Monday was considered the worst day as the Elkhorn River rose out of its banks and devastated all in its’ path.

Penn Park was under 3-4 feet of water as were Russell Park and Riverside Park. Spared at Riverside Park were the ball diamonds.

It was also reported that four homes were flooded, but that number could be low as many homeowners are dealing with water issues.

Highest Flows

Rainfall over the past few days in central Nebraska has resulted in high water and flooding in the Platte, Elkhorn, Loup, Niobrara, Republican, and Little Blue River basins. The Elkhorn and Loup basins have been hardest hit.

Two streamgages have broken long-standing records: the North Loup at Taylor streamgage reached its highest flow since the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Nebraska Water Science Center began recording water measurements at that site 73 years ago; the Elkhorn at Ewing streamgage reached its highest peak for both water level and flow since recording began 62 years ago. The Elkhorn at Waterloo streamgage currently is ranked at its second-highest flow rate in 80 years of record.