Elgin Trio Are Winners in AMH ‘Biggest Loser’ Contest

“I am excited, elated and relieved to have met all three of my goals for weight loss in this program,” said Brent Kallhoff, of Elgin and winner of the AMH Biggest and Best Loser Contest. 

“It’s now much easier to get up in the morning and I definitely have a lot more energy. Plus, I really do not miss my Mountain Dew ? in fact, it doesn’t even taste good to me anymore.”

Losing 16.32 percent of his weight, Brent was the winner of the Biggest and Best Loser Contest sponsored by Antelope Memorial Hospital. 

A total of 613.5 pounds was lost by the 84 participants of the contest held from February 9 – April 28. 

Throughout the contest, circuit training (a rotation of all exercise equipment) was offered to participants three nights a week. In addition, each participant weighed in once a week as many lifestyle changes were made. 

Other top winners were Robert Moore and Jenni Von Bonn, both of Elgin, losing 16.25 percent and 13.50 percent of their weight, respectively. The top three winners collectively lost 112.75 pounds while gaining a new perspective on life. 

“I stumbled into the contest when I came to AMH Wellness for help to lose 83 pounds,” said Bob Moore. “Dr. Dilly had recommended that I either lose weight or take medication to reduce my high blood pressure. I chose to participate in the contest instead. It’s been a really, really good experience for me ? I feel so much better.”

“I liked the contest for the accountability and the healthier weight that I acquired,” said Jenni Von Bonn. “I feel very excited to have met my goal and would recommend this program to others.”