Elgin Teammates’ mentors to be recognized January 25th

How many times a week do you eat out for lunch? how long does it usually take?
Imagine taking that time once a week to make an impact in this community of Elgin. Mentors can make a difference in a young person’s life just by being a good listener…a cheerleader… and an advocate. the mentees can also make a difference in your life!
Join TeamMates of Elgin during national mentoring month to support the cause and become a mentor with the TeamMates mentoring program… it doesn’t take much. just one visit a week at a Elgin Public School.
The Elgin chapter will be recognizing their inaugural mentors between the girls and boys varsity game on Thursday, January 25. The Wolfpack will be playing Humphrey-Lindsay Holy Family.
The chapter will also be sponsoring their mentors and mentees on a one-day trip to Lincoln to attend the Huskers’ Spring/Red & White football game.
Special activities will be held at Haymarket Park before the game, exclusively for TeamMates.
Your time can mean the world to a young person in your community. go to teammates.org to learn how or contact the Elgin coordinators, Krista Eisenhauer or Sonia Rittscher at 402-843-2455.