Elgin Review Claims Two First Place Awards in NPA ‘Better Newspaper Contest’

GRAND ISLAND — The Elgin Review was among the newspapers across the state recognized for journalistic excellence at the annual convention of the Nebraska Press Association.
The newspaper was recipient of two first place and two second place awards for items published during the 2013 calendar year.
Lynell Morgan was recognized for having the top two advertising campaigns in Class B. First place was awarded to an ad campaign featuring Elgin residents touting the quality of service they receive from the Bank of Elgin. Judges from South Dakota said, “Nice layout, good use of fonts, consistent design. Best entry for sure!”
In the same category, Morgan also received the second place award for an ad campaign to encourage Elgin residents to license their dogs last Spring. Again the judges were impressed. They said, “Well deserved second place. Clever idea to promote dog licensing. Most cities don’t go as far as display ads to remind residents, these are very catching ads. Well done!”
The other first place award received by the newspaper was for ‘Best Promotion of Public Notices.’ The quarter-page ad touched on the theme of avoiding being ‘in the dark’ when it comes to being informed through public notices. The fourth award received by the newspaper was a second place award for Best Ag Advertisement.
“Every year we strive to provide the best product to our readers. Week after week the staff at the Elgin Review works with advertisers in a way to help the advertiser grow their business,” said publisher Dennis Morgan.
The ‘Better Newspaper Contest’ awards was not the only news involving The Elgin Review.
Earlier in the week, Publisher Dennis Morgan was elected vice president of the Nebraska Press Association (NPA). The NPA is the state’s oldest trade organization. Elected as president of the NPA was Jim Holland, publisher of the Scottsbluff Star-Herald. Allen J. Beermann is executive director. The Nebraska Press Association membership includes 173 weekly and daily newspapers with a total paid circulation in excess of 527,000 persons. It was founded in 1873.