Elgin Nebraska helps keep things “buzzing” at the Antelope County Fair

Elgin Nebraska residents prepared to show at the Antelope County Fair.
Some candid photos of Elgin, Nebraska kids getting ready for - and competing at - the 2017 Antelope County Fair. Photos by Elgin Review intern Calli Krebs.

Many Elgin Nebraska youth and adults played an active part in the Antelope County Fair. Be it showing an animal, volunteering or entering the best canning or sewing project, you found an Elgin person everywhere! One thing about this community – they are very supportive of things they believe in. The tradition of a county fair is one thing they strongly believe in. One of our Elgin Review interns, Calli Krebs, took a camera to the fair last Friday and she came back with photos of Elgin kids “at work”. We’re always proud of the work that this small community is capable of. Congratulations to everyone no matter what color of ribbon you came home with – you did much better than those who didn’t enter. View all the results in this week’s Elgin Review plus they are available online at: