Elgin Knights Lend Helping Hand To Nitzels

On Friday, May 29, the Elgin Knights of Columbus hosted a spaghetti feed benefit for the Joe and Frances Nitzel family.
Eighteen month old Jase Nitzel is still undergoing tests to try and isolate a digestive problem that began approximately 8 months ago. According to Frances, they are currently on a second trial medicine which is a probiotic – the first medicine did not work. In July, he will return to Children’s Hospital in Omaha for evaluation with a gastroenterologist on the effectiveness of this current medication. If there is no change, he will likely undergo a colonoscopy and endoscopy. The thought is that it could be a blocked gall bladder but the first test in Omaha was not read correctly and Jase has to wait six months before another to prevent an overdose of radiation.
While Frances had continued to work when she can as a section manager at the Maschoff hog unit west of Petersburg,  Prairie 1.  Joe worked as a mechanic at Jonny Dodge in Neligh but had to quit in order to help with Jase’s care. Jase is unable to be at daycare when he is ill which has been the majority of the time.