Elgin FCCLA Qualifies Two For Nationals

Elgin FCCLA will be well represented when chapters from across the nation convene this summer in Washington, D.C. for the National Leadership Conference.
Jaime Hoefer and Paige Nichols earned a trip to D.C. by virtue of their performance at the state leadership conference earlier this month. Paige and Jaime each received a silver medal in Interpersonal Communications Sr. Hoefer and Nichols finished as state runners up in their division.
Altogether, nine members of the Elgin Public FCCLA Chapter attended the state leadership conference held in Lincoln April 12–14.
Attending from Elgin were Sharla Schindler, Kelsey Shoemaker, Tera Henkenius, Austin Miller, Dylan Widger, Taya Voborny, Zoey Bergman, Paige Nichols and Jaime Hoefer.
The theme of this year’s conference was “Toward New Horizons”.
The conference featured Kevin Wanzer, keynote speaker, tours and service projects, youth breakout sessions and an opportunity fair.
In addition to the conference Austin Miller served as a state officer candidate from District 8. As a state officer candidate, Austin participated in several interviews, an FCCLA test, and a Leadership activity along with chapter voting delegates.
Tera Henkenius, Paige Nichols and Jaime Hoefer also participated in the State STAR competition. Tera received a gold medal in Family Challenges.