Elgin Community Foundation Begins ‘Letter’ Campaign

During the holiday season we take time to count our blessings and show our thanks for the things we value most. The Elgin Community Foundation, whose motto is “A lifetime commitment to the future of Elgin”, is beginning a letter campaign to help ensure that the treasures of Elgin will be available for future generations to share.

Working together, we can build on what is best about our community to make it even better. To remain strong, we must provide quality youth programs that empower our children to effectively learn and communicate, engage and mentor young adults to become entrepreneurs and community leaders, and grow our community capacity to serve families who value rural living.

Right now the Elgin Community Foundation Fund, an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation, is working to prepare our community for a future of prosperity by preserving our wealth, investing in our people today and building resources for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Right now, the community is on track to receive an additional $5,000 when it meets its next benchmark for its Hunt Challenge Grant. The foundation fund hopes to achieve this next goal by the end of the year. We have raised nearly $109,000 and received an additional $35,000 from the Robert and Jeannette Hunt Challenge to build a permanent community endowment. The challenge grant began three years ago. The goal is build an endowmentt of $200,000 by March 2012.

Elgin is eligible for $15,000 in additional matching funds if we raise $45,000 more. For every three dollars raised locally we get an additional dollar from the Hunt Family and their company.

This past year the foundation fund provided grants to help establish the Q125 fund for the promotion of Elgin and our future celebration. Also, a grant was made to the Elgin Housing Authority. Other funds are available to grant in 2012 as well.

Please say “Yes!” to the future of our hometown by making a contribution in the coming weeks.

With today’s strong ag economy and a positive outlook for the future, please consider a gift of grain or livestock. Gifts of ag commodities provide tax savings. Contact Les Long at the Nebraska Community Foundation (402) 323-7346.

to find out how easy it is to make a gift.

Serving on the Elgin Community Foundation Fund Advisory Committee are Todd Heithoff, Janet Koinzan, Vicki Miller, Bev Clark, Phil Kluthe, Jessie Reestman, Anne Parks, Tracey Prater, Peg Schindler, Dennis Morgan and Michael Moser.