Elgin Bargain Box Opens Friday

This Friday marks the opening of Elgin’s only deliberate not-for-profit business or, perhaps we should say, “giving away any profit” business – Elgin Bargain Box thrift store.  In their mission statement, the business operators explain “After our operating expenses, all proceeds will go to charitable causes. Grant forms will be available in the near future for people to apply. The board of directors will meet each month, discuss the applications and pay out what monies we have available.”
Elgin Bargain Box will accept item donations during their regular business hours (see separate ad below in this issue of the Elgin Review).  As Linda Kerkman puts it, they plan to benefit the community in three ways…”offer local residents an avenue to recycle good but unwanted items, resale those items at low prices and provide funds for charity”.
The thrift store will open its doors on Friday at 10 a.m. at the old Blair Motors showroom building in downtown Elgin. On Friday and Saturday, they will have special hours (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). The business will begin regular operating hours on Monday.
Anyone wishing to volunteer to help with the operation may contact Linda Kerkman at 402-843-8524 or Barb Finn at 402-843-2151.