EHS Students Compete at District Music Contest

District Music Contest was held in Albion Friday, April 23, 2010. Elgin Public Schools had nine entries performing. The concert band received a Superior and missed receiving a plaque by one point. 

The choir entered as an ensemble also received a superior and scored a perfect score by the judge! We had three solos: Devin Brown ‘vocal’ superior, Brieann Grosserode ‘baritone sax solo’ excellent and Jennifer Rhoads ‘snare drum solo’ excellent. 

The vocal ensembles scored well: Girls Trio ‘Michelle Bauer, Jessica Heithoff, Connor Kinney’ excellent, Girls Quartet ‘Jennifer Rhoads, Christi Getzfred, Brieann Grosserode, Cortny Meis’ superior, Girls Duet ‘Jennifer Rhoads, Christi Getzfred’ excellent, Mixed Duet ‘Connor Kinney, Devin Brown’ superior. 

Elgin Public had a good day as we came home with five superiors and four excellents.