EHS Repairs to Begin this Summer

Three summer improvement projects will give the Elgin High School building a new look when students return in August.

Meeting Monday night, the District #18 Board of Education approved three projects to be done by Schmitt Construction later this year.

All six board members voted to approve the projects. They are:

• To close up the east end of the old gymnasium and convert it into storage space. 

• Relocation and remodeling of the seventh grade room for administrative offices. 

• The smallest of the three projects will be to replace and/or renovate several classroom doors. 


On the topic of security, Superintendent Steve Dennis presented board members with a plan to install 21 security camera at different locations throughout the school’s buildings. He said the camera would provide the school with the opportunity to have the necessary information on video should an incident happen. The cameras would be placed at strategic locations as suggested by three companies who have been brought in to assess the school’s needs.

Dennis said he would hope to have a bid for the school board to consider at next month’s meeting.

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