Dvorak Awarded ER Vetch Days ‘Good Neighbor Award’

For thirty-one years, since shortly after getting married, she has given to the Elgin community in the most visible of ways and continues to do so still today.

Recipient of the first-ever Vetch Days ‘Good Neighbor Award’ is Connie Dvorak. The wife of Mike Dvorak, she is being recognized for this annual award for the work she has done to help beautify our community.

“We’re very proud to recognize Connie for her contributions to the community,” said Elgin Review Publisher Dennis Morgan. She and her family have donated many, many hours into making our community a wonderful place to live and work.

Connie was informed she was the recipient of the award on Thursday morning at The Homestead where she serves as SHIP Coordinator.

The nomination letter read as follows:

“A person just needs to look around our community to see where my nominee has left her mark. Her mark can be found at our beautiful city park, the centennial garden … and around St. Boniface Church. The landscaping is beautiful and well kept over the years. Yes, she has had helpers but she has been the advocate. She has been the constant in the many who have helped to keep Elgin a warm, inviting community.

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