Dumpsters lined up for Elgin Cleanup Day

Elgin residents wishing to dispose of unwanted items will have the opportunity to do so next Thursday, May 10.
Elgin’s annual “Community Cleanup Day” will be held on that day. Residents will have a place to dispose of unwanted items on their property and haul them down to a dumpster.
Two dumpsters will be located in the lot north of Elgin Livestock, just as it has been in past years.
Residents are reminded this is just a one-day event. The dumpsters will be delivered Thursday morning.
The dumpsters will be picked up at approximately 5 p.m., she added.
Items which should not be placed in the dumpsters are tires, gasoline, oil, fertilizer, yard waste, tree branches and old batteries.
It will be the responsibility of the property owner to haul the items to the dumpster.
There will be NO curbside pickup.
Anyone with questions regarding Cleanup Day should contact City Hall during regular business hours.