Dry Field Conditions Increase Harvest Fire Risks

The ‘2012 Drought’ has resulted in thousands of acres of land in Nebraska being ravaged by fire this summer.
Elgin Fire Chief said last week it’s important for farmers to take adequate precautions as they begin to harvest silage, soybeans and corn to prevent damage to crops and buildings should a fire occur.
One suggestion Kittelson said farmers should seriously consider doing is having a tractor attached to a disk in the field they are harvesting.
Another suggestion he made was to have a water tote with a transfer pump placed in the field prior to starting to harvest. Again, a few simple prevention steps could prevent a fire which, depending on weather conditions, could spread quickly.
Silage harvest underway
Silage harvest is beginning in some areas. It’s always difficult to forecast weather, but if dry field conditions persist, potential for combine and field fires will increase. A high-temperature source in the engine area or an overheated bearing can ignite dry plant material.

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