Dr. Harlan to Perform Knee Replacements at AMH

“I am excited to offer a new system and surgical technique that is now available for knee replacements,” said Dr. Cody Harlan, AMH OP Orthopedic Specialist from Columbus. “Designed by Biomet, the new system uses custom femoral and tibial positioning guides developed from a patient’s MRI. The MRI is used to create a three-dimensional joint reconstruction on computer, providing a greater level of detail and precision for implant positioning and alignment ahead of time.”

In the past, surgical planning has typically been based on two-dimensional x-rays to size components before surgery, added Dr. Harlan. Additionally, an assortment of instruments was used during surgery to verify component sizing and establish proper positioning and alignment.  The new system doesn’t do the surgery for the surgeon; however, it’s an excellent use of technology.  

The new surgical technique uses personalized positioning guides, designed from the patient’s MRI scan and placed directly onto the femur and tibia. Therefore, instrumentation of the bone canal is not required.  This system does not make a poor surgeon better, it makes a good operation better.