District 18 To Explore Co-oping All Jr High Sports, Winter/Spring High School Sports

There just might be fewer basketball games for local fans to attend next winter, depending on what action the District #18 Board of Education takes when they meet Thursday night.

Among the items board members’ Kim Wells, Steve Heithoff, Stan Heithoff, Laurie Waterbury, Mary Bauer and Ryan Reestman will likely act upon is to decide whether or not the school should co-op junior high and high school sports for the 2009-2010 school year at the meeting to be held in the distance learning room at the high school, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Interim Superintendent Lee Hall said Fisher and Barb Bode, representing District #18, met recently with Pope John/St. Boniface Principal Betty Getzfred and Father Dan Andrews to discuss issues of common concern.

Fisher said the best scenario for District #18 would be to enter into a sports co-op with Pope John. The main reason, he said, is because there would be only blocks, not miles, between the two schools. Already, the two schools share a football field as well as programs like Future Farmers of America. However, Fisher was quick to point out that the Pope John School Board would have to be approached and that has not been done yet.

UPDATE:  Members voted 6-0 to explore the possible co-op with Pope John XXIII Central Catholic.  Members discussed Elkhorn Valley (Tilden) as their second choice.