District #18 School Board To Meet Tonight

Could the inside of Elgin Public Schools’ gymnasium undergo a major change in the months ahead?
It’s possible.
When the District #18 Board of Education meet Thursday night, Dec. 11, they are expected to hear a report from Superintendent Dan Polk regarding just how much it might cost to replace the gym floor.
The building was constructed back in the 1970s, and the original gym floor remains inside the structure. The floor has been refurbished numerous times since being installed and may have reached a point where it may need to be replaced.
At the November meeting, the school board instructed Polk to explore options for the gym floor and to get some figures to review. Polk’s report is not listed as an “action” item, meaning no action would be taken at the December meeting. However, depending on the information presented, it’s possible the board could act on the matter sometime in 2015. Were a decision to be made to replace the floor, it would have to work around several dates, one being the annual alumni banquet, and the other being the start of school in August 2015.
The gym floor is just one item which Polk is to report on. Others are:
• Discussion of a board replacement for the seat currently occupied by Ryan Reestman. He did not seek re-election to the board and the December meeting would be his last before stepping down.
• Calendar clarification around Christmas break and the next in-service.
• Building safety discussion among staff administration, experts, etc.
There are just three action items on the agenda. They are:
• Uniform replacement program review and approve the purchase for this year (golf).
• Set a January date for a board retreat.
• Approve a super-intendent’s contract.
Thursday night’s meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. and is open to the public.