District #18 School Board Meets Thursday Night

The District #18 Board of Education will meet Thursday night, Oct. 13.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. and is open to the public.

Items on the ‘action’ agenda are:

• Approve Board Policy 606.06, Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy

• Approve Revision of Board Po-licy 204.06, Closed Sessions

• Approve Revision of Board Policy 604.04, Multicultural Education Policy

• Approve Revision of Appendix “1” to Board Policy 502.02, Standards for Acceptance Or Rejection of Option Students For All School Terms after 2004-2005

• Appoint a Delegate to the NASB/NASA Delegate Assembly

Also at the meeting, board members’ Bob Hoefer, Laurie Waterbury and Steve Heithoff are scheduled to receive award pins from the Nebraska Association of School Boards.

Items listed under ‘discussion; are:

• Superintendent’s Report

• Registration for NASB/NASA State Education Conference in La Vista – November 16-18

• State Reports

• Discuss Selection of Pricing Op-tions for Natural Gas

• Maintenance Update

• Multicultural Report

• Senior Trip

• Review Board Policies 100’s – 300’s

• Distribute Superintendent Eval-uation Materials

• Set Next Regular Meeting & Adjourn