District #18 School Board May Look at Heating/AC This Fall

The District #18 Board of Education learned all about the high costs of heating and cooling school district buildings during their meeting Wednesday night.

Superintendent Steve Dennis told the board members serving on the buildings and grounds committee met with representatives from three heating/cooling companies over proposed bids to improve the school’s current system.

He said Dave Getzschman representing Getzschman Heating LLC, explained his bid which, with additions, exceeded $560,000. Also meeting with the committee were Dave Raymond and Don Tabor representing Trane to discuss their bid which exceeded $527,000 when the options were included, and spoke to Ron Paul representing Siemens whose proposal exceeded $733,000.

At the present time, the board elected to not pursue any action on the bids due to the high cost. However, at Dennis’ request, the board approved a plan to have the school’s boiler system serviced in order to get a better understanding of how long it might last.

Dennis suggested to the board they again look at the issue next fall.

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