District #18 School Board Looks at Heating/AC Proposals

Meeting on a rare Friday night, the District #18 Board of Education heard proposals from three firms regarding improving the school’s heating/air conditioning system.

Superintendent Steve Dennis presented proposals from three companies to replace the school’s current system. 

The purpose of the proposals was to provide the board with some numbers to consider as, at the present time, the current operating system is meeting the needs.

Each business, Getzschman Heating LLC out of Fremont, Siemens and Trane, each submitted proposals for the board to look over. 

Dennis said if the board would be interested, it would be best to have representatives from the companies come and explain their proposals.

Dennis said Getzschman’s proposal would cost the district approximately $400,000. A Kearney representative for Siemens submitted a bid of close to $700,000. Dennis said the bid submitted from Trane, when adding together two options, is well over $500,000.

The item was for discussion only, no action was taken nor was any date set for the matter to be reviewed again.

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