District #18 Looking to Construct New Commons Area

The District #18 Board of Education took steps last week which will, months from now, improve the appeareance of the area east of the high school building.
The board, meeting June 13, approved the use of past graduating class money in addition to $5,000 to renovate the area where the old grey building currently is located. The building is to be removed by August 1. The goal is to create a space with some type of fencing that can be used as a picnic area, a sitting area or a place where, when the weather cooperates, classes could be held outside. Altogether, there’s approximately 4,000 square feet of space which will be transformed once the building is removed. Board President Laurie Waterbury said she hopes some funds might be kicked in by alumni to help offset costs.
Staff negotiations — Polk handed out to board members materials to review in preparation for upcoming negotiations with the Elgin Education Association representatives for 2014/2015. Polk said EEA negotiations representatives will be Barb Bode, Amy Klein and Tina Thiele-Blecher.

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