Date Set For Wild Game Feed

Plans are progressing towards the 10th annual Wild Game Feed to be held later this month.
According to organizers Phil Kluthe and Jerry Mundorf, the dinner will be held at Boomerang’s on St. Patrick’s Day, Monday March 17.
Serving will begin at 7 p.m.
As in the past, there will also be tame game, potatoes, salads, desserts and casseroles. There is no charge and all adults are welcome.
Some of the wild game to be served will be deer, pheasant, duck, elk, wild & tame turkey, moose, fish, casseroles and soups.
If you can bring a wild game dish, a salad or casserole, call Kluthe (402) 843-5538 or Mundorf (402) 843-8089 so that it can be listed on the menu sheet.
It is desirable if you can prepare your own dish however if you are unable, Kluthe or Mundorf may be able to prepare it along with their own dishes.