‘Da Ladies’ Get ‘Da Royal’ Treatment

We’ve all heard it … “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Wise advice indeed but it brings to mind another adage, “easier said than done”.

Elgin-area native, newspaper columnist and book author Melanie (Mueller) Wilkinson stepped before the crowd at Da Ladies Nite Out last Wednesday evening and gave the ladies her personal recipe of how she has made “lemonade”.

After greeting the attendees and giving “shout-outs” to family and friends, Wilkinson began to take everyone along for a ride, reminiscing on her life’s journey. She harkened back to her very first time at Da Ladies Nite Out herself.

“It was after my mother died”, she began. She didn’t feel like going out, trying to have a good time. However, “Aunt Linda (Eischeid) told me I was going. There was good food (duh!), great desserts, free wine…..”

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