CVA announces plans to replace outdated grain bins

Meeting Monday night, Mayor Mike Schmitt and the Elgin City Council heard a proposal from Central Valley Ag which might change the “skyline” of our community.
CVA’s Keith Gillham made a presentation at the start of the meeting, saying CVA is considering a plan to remove five out-dated old grain bins and replace them with two new bins, each with a capacity of 267,000 bushels. The bins would be similar in height to the large Chief grain bins on the southeast edge of CVA’s property which were constructed several years ago.
Questioning the proposal was Elgin resident Chad Martinsen who said the location of one of the new bins would be just 90 feet from his residential property. Schmitt said the City would need to look closer at the proposal before making a decision, likely at the March meeting, whether or not to approve the plan.
Gillham said the goal is to tear down the old bins and have the new ones erected in time for the 2018 fall harvest.