County Zoning Rules Explained

On June 1, 1999 Antelope County adopted a comprehensive plan and zoning regulations. This means that landowners outside the corporate limits of the cities and villages in Antelope County with the exception of Tilden are affected by the zoning regulations. Tilden is zoned by Madison County and they have a one mile extra territorial jurisdiction into Antelope County.
According to Antelope County Zoning Admini-strator Char Carpenter, zoning is defined as “a regulation that divides land within the jurisdiction into districts in order to 1) specify permitted, conditional or special uses allowed in that district; 2) specify height of building setback and lot sizes; and 3) specify other accessory uses such as signs, parking and buildings.” Zoning was also developed to “protect the health, safety and welfare of the community. This is achieved by separating land uses into compatible groups and providing for development standards that preserve and protect the tax base.”
In Antelope County this means that if you want to build on your land you need to check in with the zoning office to obtain the proper permit. This includes houses, grain bins, machine sheds, CAFO’s, and other such structures.  All of Antelope County is zoned agriculture. A zoning permit for a house requires at least 3 acres and grain bins, machine sheds, etc require at least 20 acres. Any questions should be directed to the zoning office.  All permits are online at the county’s website and are available at the zoning office.  All permits also require a building permit from the Assessor’s office. The county zoning office is open on Monday’s and Thursday’ from 9 a.m. to 4 p,m. and the phone number is 402-887-4248.
Permits are also accessible online at the county’s website