County to Use FEMA Funds for Alternate Projects

If everybody who attended last week’s meeting of the Antelope County Board of Supervisors had a vote, the fate of the Mill Bridge in Neligh might be different.

The bridge, located near the Neligh Mills, will not be repaired. In fact, someday it will no longer span across the Elkhorn River.

Supervisors voted five to two (Larry Baker and Charlie Henery voting ‘no’) to use money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on other projects.

During a lengthy discussion, supervisors were told the cost of a new bridge would be in excess of $1.5 million. JEO Consultant Brian McDonald said of that amount, FEMA would have paid over $1.1 million. After money from Nebraska Emergency Management Agency was factored in, Antelope County’s cost would have been $195,000. However, the NEMA funds (just under $200,000) would disappear if not used on the bridge.

For an alternate project, FEMA funds totaling $1,050,000 could be used.

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